Jeanne Liedtka is the United Technologies Professor of management at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. Formerly the executive director of the school’s Batten Institute, a foundation established to develop thought leadership in the fields of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. Jeanne has also served as chief learning officer for the United Technologies Corporation and as the associate dean of the MBA program at Darden. Jeanne currently teaches design thinking, innovation, and organic growth in the MBA and executive education programs at Darden.


Jeanne’s current research interests focus on exploring how design thinking can be used to enrich our ability to create inclusive strategic conversations about organizational futures. Her March 2009 book, The Catalyst: How You Can Lead Extraordinary Growth, co-authored with R. Rosen and R. Wiltbank, was based on a three-year study of operating managers who excelled at producing revenue growth in mature organizations. The Catalyst was named one of BusinessWeek’s best innovation and design books of 2009. Her book, Designing for Growth: A design toolkit for managers, co-authored with Tim Ogilvie, was published in June 2011 was named the winner in the management category of the 800-CEO-READ book award. Her most recent book, The Physics of Business Growth, was co-authored with Professor Ed Hess and published in May, 2012. Professor Liedtka has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles on the topics of strategy, innovation, and ethics.


Jeanne joined Darden in 1989, having received her DBA in management policy from Boston University and her MBA from Harvard Business School. She has been involved in the corporate strategy field since beginning her career as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group.

Who is Jeanne Liedtka?

Jeanne, Ian, Gunnar and participants in the launch of the organic growth program Growing From Within on 25 Sep 2012.

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