This is a Level Three Program, which requires Level One competencies. Although it is derived from Step 5 of our Strategic Decision Making model, it does not require prior knowledge of SDM. 


Systems thinking is process of seeing the drivers in a system and the interconnection of these drivers. By mapping these out, users can take a step back and see the overall connections of drivers and identify the centres of gravity, the key sphere of influence that will lead to a holistic solution.


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Systems Thinking for Problem-Solving

About the Program

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Who is this for?

Highly Suitable for those who have completed the Strategic Decision Making program and want to expand their understanding of a crucial element in strategic decision making.


Also suitable for directors, managers and team leads who are keen to learn to how to use systems thinking to solve problems.

Outcome of the Program

To be able to identify the system, its accompanying drivers, drawing the system diagram to identify the centres of gravity of the situation, leading to the holistic solution to the problem.


What is a system

How linear thinking creates problems in systems

Your strategic intent defines the system

Identifying drivers

Reinforcing and hindering drivers

Finding centres of gravity

Determining the holistic solution

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Features of the Program

Simplifies a complex issue

Unclutters the key elements of systems thinking

Practical application

Assessment for certification