Strategic Thinking Suite

Why a whole suite?

As strategic thinking is the ability to apply different perspectives to a situation to uncover new ways of meeting intent, there is a need, not simply to apply the tools, but to have the ability to see around corners. This ability is powered by creativity and critical thinking. As such, no strategic thinking development can take place if the fundamental tools are missing. At AITC, we don't take these abilities for granted and constantly help people develop their creative, critical and strategic thinking abilities in support of the applications and deeper dives that come afterward.


We offer four levels of development to ensure that you maximise your strategic thinking prowess.

Fundamental skills that need to be learnt, developed and fine-tuned in order to excel at strategic thinking. 

Level 1

Level 2

Applying strategic thinking to make the right decision every time!

Level 3

Diving deeper with the SDM Tools

Level 4

Further applications derived from strategic thinking

Creativity for Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking: Tips & Tools

Critical Wisdom

Strategic Decision Making

Making the Right Decisions

Systems Thinking for Problem Solving

Reframing for More Options

Solutioning with Constraints

Expert Negotiations

Coaching for Strategic Thinking

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