This is a Level One Program, a program that builds on the fundamental skills for strategic thinking.


This program unwraps the five elements of the Liedtka strategic thinking model, empowering the participants with ways to become more strategic. The five elements are:


  • Intent focus

  • Systems thinking

  • Thinking in time

  • Intellectual opportunism, &

  • Hypothesis-driven

Strategic Thinking: Tips & Tools

About the Program

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Who is this for?

Level One programs are suitable for all levels of staff. 


Outcome of the Program

Know how to apply strategic thinking tools to better understand the situation and see new ideas and options



What is strategic thinking?

Understanding your Strategic Thinking Quotient (STQ)

Video Overview

Creativity & strategic thinking

Learning to apply the 5 elements

Case discussion

Features of the Program

Introduces new concepts that participants don't normally think about

Practical application

Learner-driven discovery of the concepts


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