Strategic Decision Making

About SDM Process

Our Strategic Decision Making process was developed by Ian Dyason through combining the works of Prof Jeanne Liedtka's Strategic Thinking process and Luda Kopeikina's Clarity State Decision Making methodology.


In combining both these programs, AITC created a robust strategic decision making program backed by research and application, and distilled into 8 steps:






Who is this for?

The SDM is designed specifically for administrative officers and new managers to uncover the secrets of making the right decisions BEFORE they are required to do so.





Features of the Program

Action learning

Learn-supplied content


Research-based methodology

Customised case discussions

Core leadership development program

Proprietary material

Making a BIG decision? 

Follow these steps if you want to make the right strategic decision

Success stories 

Read some of the many success stories garnered from our program participants

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What you/they will learn?

Learn how to be strategic in thinking

Focus on the right thing by identifying true intent

Use a process that replicates the right decisions

Apply systems thinking to think broadly & deeply

Uncover new perspectives for creative solutions

Decide or recommend the right decisions 

Influence others through the right decision inputs

Get backing from others to reach decision success

Use bracketing to deal with decision uncertainty

Know how to test ideas for greater robustness
Have greater conviction and confidence in decisions

Plan execution steps for success 

What's in it for you?

Overcome the fear of making the wrong decisions


See more options and frequently missed ideas clearly


Make a significant contribution in crucial conversations


Solve practically any problem they may face


Lead teams more effectively through decisiveness


Confidently flesh out ideas and present them in a coherent manner


Better explain decisions made, constraints used and options discarded


Demonstrate visionary power 


Help others do it too 



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