This is a Level Three Program, which requires Level One competencies. Although it is derived from Step 4 of our Strategic Decision Making model, it does not require prior knowledge of SDM. 


Many people see constraints as a negative restraint; yet in decision sciences, a constraint is a necessary condition for a successful decision. The key undertaking in using constraints is identifying them; and there are many different sources of constraints. While constraints are used to narrow down our options, they can also be used in a creative way to expand them, if we have no other options to think of.


This program focuses on helping users expand their options.

Solutioning with Constraints

About the Program

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Who is this for?

Normally suitable for those who have completed the Strategic Decision Making program and want to expand their understanding of a crucial element in strategic decision making.

Outcome of the Program

To be adept at identifying constraints, and from there, to expand their options.


Constraints, revisited

Sources of constraints

Turning from a negative idea to a positive constraint

Using constraints in decision-making

Expanding options with constraints

Divergent-convergent cycle of constraints

Features of the Program

Learning by doing

Practical application




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