You may be the agent of your own self-destruction

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When you have an intent to achieve for the future, we tend to look at how we reach that from where we are. While this is essential, many a times, we can trace the steps of how we got to where we are now, and they may also show us they way to the future. This is called thinking in time.

As you all know, we are the product of all the decisions we have made in our life. Our situation is the result of all our decisions and all the events that shaped it. Sometimes, we simply ignore them, or we simply accept them, and move on. Yet, by doing that, we may lose the valuable lessons of each of them on the situation, and offer the possibility of finding a solution.

To help you do that, use this table:

Important things to take note in applying thinking in time:

  1. Brainstorm all the events and decisions first; don’t dive deep until you are done identifying all of them

  2. Be balanced in your thinking – don’t censor and censure your thoughts, put them down as it is

  3. In identifying what you can do differently, using the power of hindsight, you can find more options for your current situation


Many people don’t dive into the past as often as they should. They seldom see that sometimes they are the agent of their own self-destruction and poor decisions. Without taking that step back and understanding how your situation has come to pass, you might not be able to make the right decision. So in your next strategic thinking session, do look back to look forward. Think in time.

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