See possibilities in your people

Yesterday I spoke briefly about Dr Gary Mangiofico. He is a highly talented person who had led many start-ups successfully. He helped grow one of his companies as CEO at the rate of 300% per year, earning him deep respect from the community, and a reputation as a turnaround specialist. As a result, Gary was headhunted to lead a business unit of Johnson & Johnson, which he drove to US$5 billion. Gary retired successful and free at the age of 48, which led him to his next passion – executive education; and it has been 12 years now, sharing his wealth of experience to executives around the world.

In my discussions with him, Gary shared many profound thoughts, one of which is, “See possibilities in your people before you see possibilities in your business.” In this article, I would like to share what this means to me, and hope that you too can share your insights.

1. Your business is your people

Without people, you have no business. If you cannot see possibilities in your people, and help them see these possibilities as well, you will have no growth. People are not simply factors that can be moved around, and turned on or off at will. People come with expectations and aspirations. Reaching out and helping them see more in themselves first will lead to greater outcomes later.

2. People make things happen

Business possibilities are just that – possibilities. To make these happen, you need people. And they need to see that the possibilities are worth getting to, and more importantly, that they can do it. Hence business possibilities without people possibilities, is impossible.

3. No limits

Possibilities are limitless. Hence, when we see possibilities in our people, we are imposing a limitless viewpoint on our people. We stretch them by their own self-construct, and enthuse them with their own abilities. Having them see possibilities in themselves when they don’t see it, has the empowering effect of creating “super-people” in our organisation. And that is what will drive possibilities for your business.

A powerful mantra

This is a very powerful way developing talent, and it does not entail much more from leaders than a perspective shift. By empowering your people to see possibilities, you encourage them to move beyond their internal boundaries, and to contribute in a bigger way to the business. So see possibilities in your people, and help them see possibilities in themselves, before you see possibilities in your business!

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