What the iWatch reviews tell us about new product launches


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So the iWatch came to the market last Friday and you will be seeing a slew of reviews coming online the next couple of weeks. I have chanced upon one such review yesterday and thought about it in terms of launching a new product or service. Please read the review here before going on as I reference a few points from this review: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/gadgets/68070522/what-ive-learned-after-using-the-apple-watch-for-three-days

1. There’s a learning curve (so you need to onboard well)

Anything new requires a new learning curve and this can be frustrating. This happens when a new hire comes into the company, as it also applies to new technology coming to market. Knowing this, companies need to make the learning curve as short and gradual as possible. If the technology is brand new and the curve is steep, there needs to be constant support helping those onboard get past the hump. If not enough thought is put to onboarding, there might be many disgruntled people, and negative word of mouth. This might backfire on all your efforts of going to market. So take care of that learning curve.

2. Multi-functional utility (so make your solutions as easy to assimilate as possible)

The reviewer says that the sport band is best although it is the cheapest. This is because it has the greatest flexibility and is able to be assimilated into the author’s lifestyle best. This is a key element in launching a new product or service. You would have to be able to assimilate into your target market’s lifestyle unobtrusively. If you make something that is so outstanding that it stands outside of your target market’s comfort zone or lifestyle, you will find your product out in the cold. So make your solutions as easy to assimilate as possible.

3. Third party apps are pretty bad (so we should also help others succeed with out new technology)

Obviously the rest of world has to catch up with the iWatch so it is natural that third party apps will be bad at this point in time. But it is also worth remembering that the iWatch will be as good as the other third party apps will allow it to be. True there are the preinstalled apps that can be a killer, yet other smartwatches already have them, so that is a no-brainer. Instead Apple would have to work with other app developers to align theirs with the iWatch, since the form factor is different, and so is the usage. This is also good lesson for us as we launch our own new technology to the market. If you have suppliers and vendors, you should look to see how you can help them succeed with your new technology.

These may be simple stuff, yet it is in doing these small matters well that will help the whole experience go down better. If you are launching a new product or service, to spare some time to think about the onboarding process, the lifestyle assimilations, and your vendor success.

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