There IS life after death!


No, this is not a transcendental article. I am really referring to change. So why am I talking about life after death? Because in many situations, change is really about dying to our old selves; to metamorphose into something better, and more beautiful.

When I first took over my current role of COO of a largish training organisation, I encountered a young key account manager who had somehow lost the spark in her eyes. Apparently, she had seen many leaders come and go, and each time one left, she retreated further into her shell. Her experience of leaders was, to say the least, rather negative. By the time I came in, she held sway the idea of, “Okay… so how long will YOU last?”

I didn’t take offence by that. I knew that I had to prove myself to earn respect. I knew that she had to experience the change that I was promising. Little by little, I delivered what I had promised, and in so doing, discovered what a talent she was. She had developed a product that I believe could revolutionise the training industry. Yet she had developed that two years earlier, and no one picked up on it! I pushed for it to be a large part of our corporate sales strategy, and, to show my faith in her, put her in charge of the team, giving her the permission to be who she really was. And what a metamorphosis we saw! Today, the team is a shadow of its former self, transforming itself into a high-performing team!

There IS life after death.

Obviously, we are not talking about biological death. But in order for change to take root, there is a need for the death of the old way of doing things. The status quo can be very comforting despite sometimes being the hindrance to growth. This is what we have to die to, and have the courage to make that decision. It can sometimes be very trying, when along the way, it seems like we had made a mistake to change.

But we need to stay true to change. We need to remember what we are dying to; we need to keep the big picture at the top of mind, even when the current picture challenges our resolve.

When we do that, and emerge at the end of the change, we will discover that there IS life after death.

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