Engaging the Clarity State to get perfect clarity for the right decisions

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to maintain mental clarity with just about any issue, under just about any environmental condition while you are crumbling under an ebb and flow of nerves? How does this happen and can you also develop this state of calm yourself? Well, the answer is yes and here’s how…

The Clarity State

According to neuroscience research, the Clarity State is a state of mental, physical and emotional balance within yourself. Balance does not mean that you are at the peak state for each component. Instead, it is likely that each is at about 70% - 80% alertness. So if you can maintain a state where you were 70-80% mentally alert, 70-80% physically alert and 70-80% emotionally alert, for all intents and purposes, you are deemed to be in the Clarity State.

How to get into the Clarity State

While you can be in the Clarity State under any circumstances, if you have not done this before, you will need some practice. To start off, you will need to know how it feels. Use this sound bite (https://soundcloud.com/ian-dyason/1-getting-into-the-cs/s-jmQKV) to help yourself get into the Clarity State and try to maintain it as long as you can. Practice this daily over the next two weeks and you will find yourself being able to get into the Clarity State at will, and at any situation. And more thing… once you master the Clarity State, you can maintain that while undertaking any executive function.

Effects of using the Clarity State for decision-making

So what does getting into the Clarity State mean for us? Here are the benefits that you will enjoy immediately…

  • Ability to separate the wheat from the chaff

The mental clarity that we get from being in the Clarity State allows us to cut through the situation with laser-like precision, zeroing in on what matters quickly.

  • Maintain singularity of thought for the situation at hand

This laser-like quality allows us to pinpoint attention and maintain it there. Since the Clarity State does not allow distractions, like an F1 driver making the turn at 280km/h, we will enjoy such mental clarity that we can maintain on the key situation at hand over any distracting thoughts. This allows you to maintain the clarity of mind during a long and convoluted discussion.

  • Allows the Power of Insight to fuel your decision

The Power of Insight is a process of looking behind the decision on critical issues that might elude the rational mind. When you bring your situation to the fore while maintaining the Clarity State, you get to see things that your rational mind may disregard. These may often be the keys to keeping you from making the right decision. And once you have identified these keys, making the decision will be a “piece of cake”.

  • Keeps emotions at bay

Because we have control over our emotions, the Clarity State gives credence to them, but does not allow the emotions to run rampant over our decision. This allows us to approach the situation in a more balanced frame of mind, and cut through the mess and zoom in on the key drivers for success without undue emotional interruptions.

So that’s it. The Clarity State. Some may pooh-pooh the idea, but neuroscience has proven its efficacy; and leaders who maintain ramrod nerves of steel under pressure have been known to use it too. So if you want to increase your mental clarity, start using the Clarity State, and get good at it!

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