Changi Airport adopts the hypothesis-driven process to plan for carpark relocation

If you were listening to the local airwaves in Singapore over the last week, you would have heard the advertisements for the temporary closure of the Terminal One open-air carpark. Visitors to the airport were told to park at Terminal Two instead. This is a temporary initiative from 17 to 22 October. The reason? To test out the processes and the public reaction to the closure of the Terminal One carpark for good when the Changi Jewel is built on that plot.

This is a great example of using the hypothesis-driven process. This is a necessary component when dealing with uncertainty. Instead of dealing with the issue through planning, trying to identify all the possible loopholes, but still coming up short, just put it out there in the market, test the ideas and hypotheses, and come up with the solutions therefrom.

While the closure of the carpark might lead to some inconvenience, the information that Changi Airport Group (CAG) gets from this exercise would far outweigh the time spent planning and guessing at the best solution. By identifying all the stumbling blocks that the planned closure might uncover through this experimentation, CAG would be able to better manage the permanent closure of the carpark. So kudos to CAG for taking a bold step!

The hypothesis-driven process is an important step in strategic thinking and organic growth since we don’t know enough about the future to stake a full claim on the solution. It requires for us to form a hypothesis, identify the assumptions surrounding that, and then bringing it out to the market to test these assumptions. It allows us to identify the best solution in the fastest and cheapest means.

So when you are dealing with a decision under uncertainty, take a leaf out of CAG’s actions and put your ideas to the test. It would certainly uncover surprising aspects of your solution you would never have thought about in your wildest dreams!

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