Here are 24 behaviours you need to exhibit to be a growth leader…

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A growth leader is someone who embraces the growth mindset and deals with uncertainty to build new business or new products. Not everyone is a growth leader and research by Prof Jeanne Liedtka et al have identified 24 behaviours. You obviously don’t need to exhibit all 24 behaviours but the more you do, the better a growth leader you will be. So, in a very brief list, here are all the behaviours you would need to exhibit to be the ultimate growth leader (in no order of merit…)

  1. Actively listening to others

  2. Asking questions

  3. Trying new ways

  4. Seeking out different views

  5. Having a positive attitude

  6. Collaborating

  7. Sharing information

  8. Challenging existing ways

  9. Engaging in constructive debate

  10. Being curious

  11. Being emotionally engaged in your job

  12. Supporting experimentation

  13. Learning from mistakes

  14. Acting humbly

  15. Trusting your manager and leaders

  16. Not placing blame

  17. Treating people with respect and dignity

  18. Contributing to an energizing and positive work environment

  19. Teaching, not punishing

  20. Measuring and rewarding people fairly

  21. Removing obstacles to growth

  22. Encouraging diversity of opinion

  23. Finding meaning in your work

  24. Being paranoid about complacency

That’s a whopper of a list isn’t it? But if you think about it, isn’t this really about excelling in everything we do at work?

Excellence at work will yield organic growth.

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