What is your strategic thinking quotient? Take this test to find out!

Wouldn't it be great if there was an IQ test for strategic thinking? What if there was some way we could test how strategic we are in our thinking? Unfortunately, there is none. However, we have devised a simple questionnaire to look at how we think and what that transcends to with regards to strategic thinking.

Now, before you go ahead and do the assessment, understand that this is NOT a psychological test and it has not been designed for reliability or validity. Instead it is a self-assessment of your preferred behaviour on different situations that might reflect your preference for one type of thinking or another. The intention of this questionnaire is to have a sense of where our strengths are vis-a-vis the Liedtka model and to perhaps identify areas for improvement. Take it with a whole handful of salt. Ultimately, it is just a fun tool to be aware of ourself.

To start, print out this article and then score each statement as truthfully as possible based on the following responses:

(1) - Not at all like me

(2) - Unlike me

(3) - Like me

(4) - Very much like me

Once you are done, click on the link below to download the scoring sheet. Have fun!

1. When I have a problem, I just think of a solution and then move on to solving it.

2. I like to imagine what it would be like if I had no problems and see what I can do in that situation

3. I believe that our past actions are indicative of our future behavior

4. Before I act, I will think about who will be affected by my actions and what would happen to them.

5. I always relate what I am doing back to what I am trying to achieve

6. I don’t involve people outside our department / team when working on a project

7. I like to put forward different reasons why something will work or not and see which is true

8. I don’t have a long-term vision at work. It is always just one fire-fight after another.

9. Decisions should not vary. Once we commit ourselves, we must not allow it to change.

10. I don’t believe that we should spend all our time trying to connect the dots between different aspects of the situation.

11. I get perturbed when the small things don’t turn out as planned.

12. Before I jump onto a solution, I try to come up with several key reasons why the situation is as it is

13. I try to work towards a steady-state situation where I am confident things will move in a constant pace

14. I make reasonable assumptions about what is happening to cause me to have a problem and I test to see if they are true.

15. When I make decisions, I like to look at what has been done before and how that impacts on the future of things.

16. It does not matter how I feel about what I do, it only matters what we will get out of it

17. I try to see the impact of each action or decision I make before I make/take them

18. I look to extend my value to my customers by looking out for ways to improve myself

19. I usually think up different endings for my decision and see how it would impact everyone involved

20. I always seek the underlying reasons for a decision

Here's the scoring system...DOWNLOAD

If you want to discuss your scores, or the scoring system, just drop me a line at iandyason@aitrainingconsulting.com.

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