Let us do a showcase


We know it is difficult to make a decision on whether to buy a program without sampling it. That is why we offer the 3-hour showcase.  Simply invite us to your office and we will demonstrate the effectiveness of our program to you at no charge. All we need are:


1. 5-8 persons whose inputs are important for you to make a decision about the suitability of the program;


2. One central issue in which everyone can participate (preferrably a current topic which the team is trying to come to a decision);


3. Venue where all the participants can sit comfortably in groups of 3-4;


4. Presentation materials like a flipboard with paper, projector and some wall space


As this is a showcase, it is not designed to cover all the steps. Yet, it has been effective in leading a team to a successful decision within that time frame.


To invite us to do a showcase, simple call +65-63230110 or email enquiries@aitrainingconsulting.com

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