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strategy, strategic thinking, intent, reframe, hi-po, high potential,
strategy, strategic thinking, decision making, reframing, opportunity, growth, design thinking, revenue
A mattern of life & death 

The library team of a major university announced that they had a "life & death" decision to make. Their decision question was, "Should we rename our department?" This was a radical decision because everyone knows what a library is and how they function. Well, as it turns out, that was not so. While everyone knows that the library was a repositor of books, many - especially undergraduates - don't know their larger and more expanded role. And if the librarians did not do something about that, their reason for being will be called into question and they might well lose their job!  

strategy, strategic thinking, decision making, thinking in time, strategic intent, library, research
Driving revenue

Vera is the marketing manager for the overseas station of a major international airline! While the plane loads are good - there is only one other airline flying the same sector - revenue did not reflect the volume. It was much less per passenger than other sectors, or indeed, than some other airlines. There was a need to get more out of each passenger who seem willing to pay more, but are somehow not charged more! She started with the question, "Should we charge credit card transaction fees?" but ended up with something completely different as her decision.                            

She's got to go!

The HR team of a local bank came together to address a thorny issue, "Shall we terminate this High Potential (HP) Manager?" Apparently, the manager was rather arrogant, and refuses to see the folly of her ways. In addition, she is prone to scolding the staff reporting to her, something that was not aligned with the corporate culture. In fact, through her actions, she has caused 2 divisions to split up. Numerous attempts at counselling and coaching the manger led nowhere, and the HR Business Partners are proposing to have her terminated. Yet the HR Director is not convinced...


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