This is a Level Three Program, which requires Level One competencies. Although it is derived from Step 6 of our Strategic Decision Making model, it does not require prior knowledge of SDM. 


This program is based on the 7 reframing techniques.


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The whole point of using these reframing techniques is to subject our thinking to a mental jolt and see our situation in completely different points of view. This will then open up new ideas for solutions, ideas that might well serve as new and novel options. That is what this program will achieve!

Reframing for More Options

About the Program

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Who is this for?

Highly Suitable for those who have completed the Strategic Decision Making program and want to expand their understanding of a crucial element in strategic decision making.


Also suitable for directors, managers and team leads who are keen to combine the systems thinking view of solutions with the creative view of reframing to get at new solutions.

Outcome of the Program

To use the 7 reframing techniques, to "reframe the reframe" to suit the different situations, and to develop new and novel ideas to expand decision options.


Introduction to the 7 reframing techniques

Understand the focus of each technique

Finding new options

Reframing the reframe

Pushing the boundaries with possibility thinking

Features of the Program

Learning by doing

Practical application




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