The following are some of the notable projects we have undertaken and a brief discussion about them 

Tony Buzan's Good Thinking
2005 - 2007

Shortly after AITC focused itself onto corporate training, it won the contract to provide a host of training for executives of the Housing & Development Board, Singapore. The intent was to equip learners with the tools to apply Mind Mapping techniques to increase creativity, problem-solving and innovation. After 3 years, the program had run its course for the target audience and the project ended.


The Building & Construstion Authority of Singapore (BCA) had a strong intent: to attain the Singapore iClass Award. This is a prestigious award to signify that an organisation has met innovation class standards. AITC was engaged to train all 500 officers to be innovative and apply that through the Innovative-Critical Cycle. Over the course of 3 years from 2006, all the officers were trained in the art of innovative thinking. They attained their iClass Award in 2009.


Innovation & Critical Thinking Project
2006 - 2008

In 2006, Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) decided to change their production operation system from 7 days on-7 days off (7/7) to 14 days on-14 days off (14/14). When their internal change management protocol became threatened by angry outbursts from the operators, most of whom were dead against the change, BSP turned to AITC to design and lead the change management program, and help the operators embrace the new shift system. Over 7 months, AITC worked with the operators and changed their mindset to embrace the change. Against lofty success metrics, AITC surpassed the management's expectations and the project was a 100% success!


14/14 Change Management Project

As a result of a heath, safety and environment (HSE) incident, BSP had to embark on another change management program. As testimony to the effectiveness of AITC's change protocol, they engaged AITC once again, this time to lead the process as the change consultant. AITC provided the full end-to-end change management starting from the establishing the project charter, secured resources, developed the change plan, the communication plan, and the execution plan. The scale of the change was larger than the 2007 project, but we were able to deliver the project on time and on budget.


Brunei Shell OPAL Project

Coaching is a very important leadership skill and is a strategic tool that can impact performance. SembCorp Marine (SCM) one of the leading ship builders and repairers in Asia, engaged AITC to run a customised coaching program that utilises our blended learning methodology. Officers from the C-Suite down to managers attended the program, which garnered very good feedback from the participants in its delivery effectiveness and the impact to performance.


LeaderCoach Program

AITC was engaged to develop and run a custom strategic thinking program to senior directors in UBS AG as part of their leadership development program. The program was held both in Singapore and in Hong Kong.


Strategic Thinking for Senior Directors

The Global IT Team in DHL engaged AITC to facilitate the process of strategic planning and mapping out the strategic direction for the Global IT team, which was attended by DHL's Chief Information Officer (CIO) and members from the US, Europe and Asia. Over the course of the project, the team achieved clarity on the way forward.


LeaderCoach Program

Singapore Airlines (SIA) engaged AITC to develop their Assistant Managers to think more strategically before they actually need to use the protocol. By being forward thinking, SIA is developing their future leaders to make the right strategic decisions for tomorrow's issues, today.


Strategic Thinking for Assistant Managers
2012 - present

Over 6 months, AITC was engaged with the Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi UFJ (Jakarta Branch) with all the unit heads and above level executives, who were learning to apply organic growth theories to help the executives becomeintrapreneurs and lead revenue and business development from within. This resulted in projects that were taken to various stages of market.


Growing From Within Organic Growth Program