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In September 2012, Prof Jeanne Liedtka launched the Organic Growth Program in Singapore, thereby bringing her research and best-selling books to Asia. A I Training & Consulting is proud to offer Prof Liedtka's programs to you. This program is offered only in-house.

This program is based largely on two of Prof Liedtka's best selling books: The Catalyst: How YOU can become an extraordinary growth leader (co-authored with Robert Rosen and Robert Wiltbank) and The Physics of Business Growth: Mindsets, System and Processes (co-authored with Edward Hess).  The first book offers behaviours and tools for each individual to step up to become a Growth Leader. The second book looks at the mindsets, systems and processes within an organisation that is needed to make them it Growth Organisation.


We therefore have 2 growth programs: The Growth Leader for individuals and the The Growth Executive for senior managers to impact on the organisation. The premise of the Growth Leader program is to really take the bull by the horns and make it happen in spite of corporate culture. Jeanne's research is replete with examples of operational managers taking things into their own hands and making things happen. This program will show you how. The Growth Executive program is really an organisation-wide growth culture management program. With its proprietary Growth System Assessment, the program will uncover areas where executives should look into to make organic growth a company-wide philosophy!  Check out more in these next few pages...

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