Making the Right Decisions

About the Program

Based on our Strategic Decision Making process that developed by Ian Dyason through combining the works of Prof Jeanne Liedtka's Strategic Thinking process and Luda Kopeikina's Clarity State Decision Making methodology, this program takes the essence of the 8 steps and makes it operationally relevant to the target audience.


The 8 Steps are shown here:

Of significance in this program are: Step 2: Identify Strategic Intent,  Step 3: Identifying Constraints & Assumptions, Step 6: Reframe for Other Options, and Step 7: Balance Options with Constraints

Who is this for?

This program is specially designed for all support staff, be they operators, technicians, counter staff or customer relationship officers. Even if they don't have to make strategic decisions all the time, the ability to make decisions that are strategically aligned and impact positively on the customer, their colleagues and the business as a whole is still important!




Making a BIG decision? 

Follow these steps if you want to make the right strategic decision

Success stories 

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Features of the Program

Action learning


Learner-led content




Research-based methodology


Scenario-based learning


Proprietary material 


What you/they will learn?

Opening up my mind to more ideas

Coming to the right decision

Communicating without being defensive

Executing with confidence


What's my intent?

Aligning with my colleagues, boss and company

Seeing the other person's point of view

What I need to achieve in the right decision


What's in it for you?

Overcome the fear of making the wrong decisions


See more options and frequently missed ideas clearly


Make a significant contribution in crucial conversations


Solve practically any problem you may face


Contribute more effectively to team decisions


Confidently flesh out ideas and present them in a coherent manner


Better explain decisions made, constraints used and options discarded




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