Why organic growth?

If any company wants a quick turnaround and a intravenous boost to revenue growth, our advice will always be to acquire or merge. Yet we know that M&As are not without their difficulties. More often than not, the acquiring company ends up paying far too much for an entity that cannot really gel with their own. In a 2013 Huffinton Post report, it was mentioned that there was a 70% to 90% chance that a merger or acquisition will fail.  With the odds stacked against acquitions, we turn our focus to the surer - albeit slower - way to grow your business.  To grow from within.


The Growth Programs Uncovered

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Is growth guaranteed?

Nothing in this world is guaranteed. So perhaps it might be better to ask which companies have employed organic growth and succeeded. Prof Liedtka's research included the following companies: AES Corp., Best Buy, Capital One, Corning Inc., Dell, DHL International, Discovery Communications, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Hamilton Sundstrand, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, ING Direct USA, Mars Masterfoods, Microsoft Corp., National Broadcasting Corp., Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Procter & Gamble, Raytheon, Royal Philips Electronics, Simmons Bedding, Target Corp., UBS, United Airlines and United Technologies.  All these companies made it into the book because they made organic growth work.  Is it hard work? Probably. Is it worth it? Absolutely!  So without further ado, let's unpack both these programs for you...

Growth Leader Program
Growth Executive Program


To uncover and learn the individual behaviours, traits and tools to help on lead organic growth projects with little or no support from senior management

To identify the current corporate culture with regards to organic growth, and understand the mindset, system and processes needed to be inculcated to move the company towards being growth-minded.

What's in it for you?

Learn the important skills of project management, innovation, negotiation, prototyping, launching, sustaining. These skills are not only important for your current job but are lasting experiences that will add value to all your future positions!

Meet your business objectives by building a culture and processes for organic growth. Developing people is one of the KEY leadership responsibilties and through this program, you learn how to lead a portfolio of growth projects so that you achieve all your KPIs with one fell swoop!

Program outline

The 6 steps to developing a Growth Leader:

  • Learn to think like an entrepreneur

  • Understand your repertoire & behavioural style

  • Connect deeply with your customers

  • Reframe value proposition

  • Practice learning by doing

  • Build relationship & growth teams


  • The Growth Formula

  • Creating prepared minds

  • Building a growth system

  • Identifying new ideas

  • Doing growth experiments

  • Managing a growth portfolio

  • Case discussions


Program features

  1. Pre-program survey

  2. Optional online pre-learning

  3. Action learning workshop

  4. Customer journey mapping

  5. Post-workshop projects

  6. Initial project hand-holding

  7. Optional online group coaching

  8. Building Growth Leader support network

  1. Pre-program survey

  2. Uncovering the current organisational growth culture

  3. Cultivating growth behaviours

  4. Action learning workshop

  5. Assessing customer journey maps

  6. Guiding growth projects

  7. Keeping growth leaders accountable

Tools learnt / used

  • DISC profile

  • Customer journey map

  • Hypothesis-driven process

  • Learning launch templates

  • Mantra: "Fail Fast, Fail Cheap"

  • Organic Growth Assessment (c) 

  • Customer journey map

  • Learning launch templates

  • Project portfolio

  • Mantra: "Fail Fast, Fail Cheap"


Pre-program: online between 3 days to 1 month

Workshop: 2 days

Post-program: Between 2 weeks to 3 months

Pre-program: online between 1 to 3 days

Workshop: 2 days

Post-program: As dictated by Growth Leaders' projects

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