Expert Negotiations

About the Program

Negotiations is a skill that applies strategic thinking. After all, we negotiate for outcomes that:


(1) impact more than just one person (us);

(2) have high opportunity cost; and

(3) have future implication


Indeed, if a situation did not have any of the above, there was really no need for a negotiation, simple bargaining can achieve an outcome.


The most important element, apart from the act of negotiating itself (which has many tactics), is the preparation. Indeed, the success or failure of a negotiation session is fully dependent on the amount of preparation put into it. In fact, many people will feel offended - and hence refuse to negotiate with you - if you failed to put in any preparation for the negotiation.


This course therefore focuses on that element first. It uses the AITC Expert Negotiation Planning Guide (C) to get participants familiar with the thinking and planning process, and from there, the tactics to go forward.


The next part of the program teaches the influences that people use in negotiating, and offers tips and tactic of how to use and counteract the following psychological effects of negotiation, namely:


(a) the Winner's Curse

(b) anchoring

(c) WYSIATI (What You See Is All There Is)

(d) the Fixed Pie syndrome

(e) influencing tactics

Who is this for?

This program is open to all levels of staff who are expected to enter into some form of negotiation. This is especially useful for:


  • business development professionals

  • sales and marketing professionals

  • line managers 

  • change management leads and consultants

  • HR managers, executives and consultants

  • procurement specialists


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Features of the Program

Action learning


Role plays




DISC Profile


Licensed used of the Harvard Program on Negotiations




What you/they will learn?

What is a negotiation

When should you enter into a negotiation

The 5 styles of negotiation

Understanding BATNA

How a strong BATNA overcomes position power

6 key elements to focus on for successful negotiations

Understanding your personality profile and its impact on negotiations

Effective communication during negotiations 


What's in it for you?

Learn the skills of an expert negotiator

Practice your negotiation skills with other expert negotiators

Fine tune your strategic thinking as applied to negotiations

Know how to prepare for a negotiation

Be totally clear about when to negotiate, and when to walk away

Identify how people are using psychology against you in a negotiation and how to overcome them


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