Creativity for Strategic Thinking

About the Program

This is a Level One Program, a program that builds on the fundamental skills for strategic thinking.


Strategic thinking cannot take place without creative thinking. The ability to look at options, to link different ideas, to see into the future, are all powered by imagination and association. Yet this is not a simple creativity program that talks about the tools for creativity. The focus of the program is to develop the Creative Mindset for strategic thinking effectiveness. Even if you have previously attended a creativity workshop, there will be untold benefits and extra learning when attending this one.


Who is this for?

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Level One programs are suitable for all levels of staff. 


Outcome of the Program

The ability to link concepts and ideas to create new perspectives so important to strategic thinking.




Your Creative Thinking Quotient (CTQ)

Why creativity is so important

Creativity & strategic thinking

Random associations

"No" = "Yes"

Yes, and...

FutureBack Imagination

Features of the Program

One of the most fun learning program!

Learning to laugh at ourselves 

A directed-learning discovery of one's limitations in creative thinking

Mind changing

Immediate & personal application

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