Coaching is a crucial competency of a leader. There are many coaching models and courses to help you become a better coach. This is not one of them. Instead, this program helps leaders and coaches help their clients make the right decision every time. Using the Strategic Decision Making model, the Strategic Excellence Coach will help their clients uncover their true intent from the decision question, guide them to idenitfy success factors and use these to propagate options. 


In addition, this program will empower the coaches to lead the thinking over time, framing the decision around constraints, identify the system the situation is framed within, and the drivers from there. This will allow the coach to help the client focus on the holistic options, and expanding on that through reframing.


Finally, the coach will help the client come to a risk-appropriate decision.


This program uses the 8-Steps of the Strategic Decision Making model.


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Coaching for Strategic Thinking Excellence

About the Program

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Who is this for?

This is a Level 4 program. As this is an advanced level program related to the Strategic Decision Making program, participants must have had completed the SDM program. This also pre-supposes high competency in Level One skills.  This program is highly suited for business leaders, HR professionals, consultants and professional coaches.



Features of the Program

Action learning


Role plays





What you/they will learn?

Driving intent identification

Assessing suitability of success factors

Leading options generation

Identifying impact of historical information

Clarifying constraints 

Appraising system drivers and holistic options

Helping develop new options with reframing techniques

Applying balancing techniques to converge on top options

Guiding scenario thinking to bracket variabilities


What's in it for you?

To uncover the nuances of the Strategic Decision Making protocol

To never get "stuck" in a problem/situation again

To be able to make the right decision for yourself every time

To better guide staff/clients to make the right decision every time

To drive better results from you and your people



To provide higher level support for your clients

To facilitate the right thinking in preparation of strategic planning sessions

To be seen as the market leader in untangling difficult decisions, leading to the right decision every time



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