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A I Training & Consulting (AITC) is the business name of Alpha-Numeracy Pte Ltd which was incorporated in Singapore in 1997. It started business in 1999 and became widely successful in offering alternative learning solutions for children using the Mind Map®. In 2002, the company added thinking skills with the Mind Map for adults.


In 2004, the company branched out into corporate training with the Mind Map® still as its base. Its creativity and innovation programs ultimately brought it recognition. The Housing & Development Board (HDB) became their first major client. Its Innovative Thinking program became the backbone for leadership development for the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) leading up to their attainment of the Singapore innovation award, the iClass. Other clients for this program include NUS, Dell Asia, BP Singapore and UOB.



























In 2007, Brunei Shell Petroleum engaged AITC for its change management program to facilitate an operational realignment. It concerned 850 operators and technicians in the Asset Directorate. Over 6 months, the staff were engaged to adopt new operations requirements amidst a high degree of uncertainty. The program went live without a single problem and AITC was named in the Brunei Post as a major contributor. In 2009, AITC was again engaged to work with them, this time on a health, safety & environment (HSE), competency and employability angle. It was again a successful project.


In addition to innovation and change, AITC also represents the work of Prof Jeanne Liedtka of the University of Virginia’s Darden Business School, and of NUS Visiting Prof Luda Kopeikina’s work at MIT’s Sloan Business School. Prof Liedtka is world renowned in design thinking, and has published 3 books over the last 4 years teaching the skills for design thinking and organic growth. Her strategic thinking program, is a bedrock for AITC; and banded together with organic growth and innovation, they form a holistic developmental continuum for leading revenue growth by middle managers. Clients include the Bank of Tokyo (BTMU), UBS, SIA, SATS, Chartis and the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).


From 2009, AITC expanded its capabilities to include coaching – both in offering executive and business coaching services as well as in helping managers develop themselves as coaches. Their program The Leader-Coach uses a blended learning solution to develop managers in organisations to drive performance through coaching and was successfully implemented for the Singapore Police Force, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Infocomm Development & Authority of SIngapore (IDA), SembCorp Marine Ltd, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Abacus International.


These days, AITC is focused solely on the three pillars of strategy, innovation and growth. Each of these pillars represents one suite of programs. Our Strategic Thinking Suite features our very own Strategic Decision Making model, which offers unparalleled development in strategic thinking for the right decision every time.  Our Innovation Suite comprises the 4D's of Innovation, a program which bridges the strategic implements of innovation with its growth prospects.  It teaches how to identify the Job To Be Done, using creative techniques to uncover solutions. Finally our Organic Growth Suite of programs offers two levels: The Growth Leader program and the Growth Executive.  Both of these programs will be required to make organic growth a reality in any organisation.


AITC is headed by Ian Dyason, a Master Trainer, Certified Master Coach, Senior Buzan Instructor and strategic business mind. Together with 15 partners, staff and associates in Singapore and Indonesia, he works hard to deliver quality programs that represent extreme value and deliver business results for clients.

About Us

Ian started his career in the military and served for 12 years as a regular officer and another 17 years as a reserve. He finally stood down from the force on 1st January 2014 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. During his time in the military, he spent many years in strategic planning for human resource.


Ian left regular service in 1996 and started his first business in shipping. After the 1997 financial crisis, he switched to training and started Alpha-Numeracy Pte Ltd (which does business as A I Training & Consulting). 


Although he started out using the Mind Map for his training programs, Ian gradually gravitated back to his strategic days and now focuses on strategy, innovation and growth.  Working closely with Professor Jeanne Liedtka and V. Professor Luda Kopeikina, he developed his very own Strategic Decision Making model which is now a key program for AITC.


Ian has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester and professional certifications including  a Diploma in Education, a Certificate in Human Behavioural Sciences, a Certified Master Coach certification from the ICC, Master Trainer Certificate for Clarity State Decision Making from Noventra Corp. and Kirkpatrick Bronze Level Certification. 

Agatha is the life and professional partner to Ian Dyason, as well as Director of Alpha-Numeracy Pte Ltd (ANPL). She has been instrumental in kick-starting ANPL by focusing on one element of the programs. As a former school teacher armed with a Diploma in Education, Agatha worked side-by-side with Ian to bring ANPL up from its initial focus in children's education to what is it today. It was from there that ANPL would grow to become A I Training & Consulting and refocus its efforts on corporate training.


From the years of 2004 onwards when AITC had firmly steered towards corporate programs, Agatha played a very crucial role in raising up their 4 children, as well as ensured that the back-end operations of the business maintained its efficiency.  It was not until baby #5, Alyssa, came in 2007 did she fully commit to working from home. That played a very crucial role in stabilising the home front while Ian worked the professional front. 


This did not stop Agatha from developing herself. She attended the Clarity State Decision Making certification program, as well as the coaching programs rolled out by AITC. This enabled her to stay current in the market as well as provide training support when staff were overstretched.


Agatha continues to serve as Director of ANPL, although in a non-executive role.



mind mapping, speed reading, memory, innovation, change management, strategic thinking, decision making, leader coach, negotiation, organic growth, design thinking

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