Many people wonder if they should commit their staff or their organisation to this program. The fact is, no one really talks about organic growth. Truth be told, this is usually left to corporate strategy to come up with the next widget, the next market, the next segment. It is surely not operational people who do these things, and certainly not a "lowly" manager! These are stuff of the C-Suite!


This is precisely the thinking we have to change.  Just like strategic thinking is a skill practiced by ALL managers at ALL levels, business growth is an attitude that needs to reside in all of us as well!  So, here are now 6 reasons why you absolutely MUST attend this program if you were a manager



1. Because you've never been taught this in class before

Let's be honest: you've studied maths, science, English, a second language, geography, history and other esoteric subjects in school to varying degrees of sophistication, but have you ever been taught how to lead organic growth? No!   Every one in the organisation assumes that the other knows how to lead it, when in actual fact all of us have no clue!  So it's really the blind leading the blind. All we'll need is the One-Eyed-Jack to come stir the pot to complicate matters!  This program is built on the fact that none of us has been schooled in creating organic growth for the business. We will take you by the hand and lead you down an enlightened path that was blazed by growth pioneers and from whom we have learnt and distilled their wisdom. This truly is the ONLY organic growth program available to you!



2. Because the future of the company is in ALL our hands

As we've said earlier...we operational managers know more about our part of the business than the suits do. So if we left the growth thinking to them, we will probably see the company moving away from our competencies, not with it.  We have heard and read the famed stories of Art Fry or Steve Jobs but there are many more whose stories are not heard and yet have created massive revenue growth for their company. And when you took a closer look at who they are, you will find the "lowly" product engineer tinkering with the next big thing in his spare time. Notice the quotation marks over "lowly"; they may be low in the pecking order in the organisation, but they rank way up in the organic growth structure. All of us have a responsibility to the future of the company. It truly lies in all our hands! We will help you reclaim that responsibility!



3. Because we operational people know the problem better than the suits!

We are being disrespectful to the guys at the top, but some things are best handled on the ground. The MRT has been having "small" technical problems which cause big repercussions on the business, not to mention senior management! The solution to MRT's problems really does not lie on what the CEO will do next, what trains they will deploy, what people they will hire, what systems they will put in place. Their solution is really looking at the fundamental technical issues and making them perfect. "Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves."  This is not an oft-repeated saying, but it sure is apt! So since we operational folk know the problem better, shouldn't we be the ones to be armed with the knowledge to lead the growth?



4. Because we need to get out there and mingle with the customers more!

Many of us are happy to be backend staff because we don't have to be customer-facing. Yet the perennial problem is marketing don't know how to pass on the information to production or engineering to solve the issue; and design will come up with a product that totally misses the boat! Sounds familiar? The reason is that the people who create the products are not out there with the customers. In fact, I know of some companies who forbid backend staff to interact with their customers! How archaic is that???  If we are the ones designing the products, we really need to get out there and mingle with the customers. This synergy may well trigger an avalanche of new products and services!



5. Because the informal network gets things done much faster

Have you ever floated up a change request for one of the sub-routines in your sub-program? What might take you less than an hour to get done gets swallowed up in days (even weeks?) of paperwork!  We do not mean to subvert the change management protocol, but true organic growth leaders get things done despite these organisational roadblocks. And by reaching out beyond our own business unit, by interacting with others who will open up the solution to our problems, that is what this program will inculcate in you. And that is how we will help you get things done much faster.



6. Because you know you care!

Finally, the very last reason why you should attend this program or bring it in to your organisation is because we know that you care and you want to show that. You have not had the opportunity to show that you care apart from doing your work conscientiously. Sure doing it well is really important, but, is there more that you can do? Can you somehow demonstate it without being party to ridiculous projects that might not really push the business in the area of your passion and expertise? Well, we will give this to you in the program. We will help you understand how you can take the initiative, make the move and create a better future for both you and your company.


Now aren't these really important reasons why you should be attending our Organic Growth programs?



6 reasons why you MUST attend this program

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