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A I Training & Consulting

Seeing things in different perspectives for the right decision every time!

Strategic Thinking

Using the ABCDE method to map out your plan from start to completion

Strategic Planning

From corporate to business, from objectives to plans, from people to finance

Strategy Enablement

A step-by-step innovation implementation strategy that puts success in your hands!


Taking your hypothesis to the market through a customer-centric rapid growth process

Organic Growth

Delivered through blended and flipped classroom concepts

 Today's Article


"Dear Ian,

Thanks for being the excellent and authentic facilitator for us at NUS over the past few days. It was certainly an enriching 2 days spent away from work. I feel it has equipped me with a sound methodology in approaching difficult decisions."

Alvin Lee, Asst Manager, NUS

"I hope that more people will get to attend your course and be equipped with the tools to make decisions towards achieving their purpose - like I did."

Tan Cheong Hai, Finance Manager, NUS

"If you want to grow your business organically, this is worth learning."

Luthfi Adriansyah, Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi-UFJ

"This course was attended by Department Heads, but most of our staff work in project basis and the project managers (PMT/PMD) need to learn this skill too (for long term projects)."


Participant, Sembawang Shipyard

"I like the sessions very much, especially the live demonstrations, which indeed enhance the training skill. I have enjoyed the workshop and especially the role play. I with the session can be lengthier."

Lee Yoong Chew, Nanyang Technological University

"At it is, the course was well structured and pace, exact. Delivery is outstanding! Excellent rapport building by the trainer!"

Thomas Seet, Nanyang Technological University

"I must say this course is really wonderful. I am glad I came with an open mind, met a wonderful mentor (Ian), and the outcome was really beyond my imagination. Once again, thanks Ian."


Ken Tan, Associate Director, NUS

"Hi Ian,

Just want to say thanks for an enjoyable and enlightening course. It was personally beneficial to me because the two resourcing decisions I 'used' during the course are relevant to me and are things which I have to take action on with effect from... well...tomorrow!"

Calvin Murthy, Manager, NUS

Video: Why Strategic Decision Making?
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